Our Energy, Our Voice

DC’s electricity system should work for the public, not for profit. We Power DC is fighting for a power system that works for and is owned by the residents of the District of Columbia–one that works transparently and democratically to fight the climate crisis and meet everyone’s needs regardless of their ability to pay. 

Pepco’s corporate-owned, profit-driven model isn’t working for us. It’s time we put power back where it belongs – in the hands of the people.

Why We Need Public Power

Lower utility bills

Corporate utilities are guaranteed to profit, regardless of the quality of service they provide, even if it means dirty, unaffordable energy that supports generous executive salaries and makes their investors happy with high returns. In contrast, publicly-owned utilities only serve the community. That means that your bills stay lower. Plus, the profits a publicly owned utility does make go towards reinvestment in local infrastructure or to help fund our schools and libraries. A local, public utility means we could keep millions of dollars circulating in our community.

Renewable energy

DC leads the way with one of the most progressive renewable energy plans in the country. But Pepco is resisting this change. DC needs to fight inequity and the climate crisis, and we have the power to implement the changes we need. When we own our utility as a community, we can guarantee a just transition that creates jobs and brings investment and resilience into our communities.

Community control

We can control our energy system by kicking the investor-owned Pepco out of DC! Public utilities answer to us – DC residents who depend on reliable, affordable energy. Some added benefits of a community utility include job creation, and increased investment and resilience in our communities.

Looking to challenge Pepco’s hold over the DC council and its cultural institutions? Join us!

About Us

We Power DC is a group of DC residents fighting for community control of our energy system.


Press inquiries please go to: wepowerdc@gmail.com