June 8 Public Power Rally

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Why we are rallying for public power:

Energy utilities have the power to decide how clean our energy is, what prices we pay, and what happens when we can’t make our payments. When making these decisions, who should DC’s energy utility prioritize? DC residents who want affordable, clean energy, or investors who want the maximum possible profit? We think our utility should be responsive to us, the people who depend on it for the electricity we need everyday.

DC councilmembers have the power to replace Pepco with a publicly-owned, democratically-controlled utility that puts people over profit. We Power DC’s Public Power Pledge asks DC councilmembers and candidates a simple question: Which side are you on? 

When you are going through financial difficulties and can’t pay your energy bill, should you be bankrupted by debt and have your electricity shut off? Public power says no, Pepco says yes. When as DC residents, we vote for more renewable energy, should our utility respond by building out a cleaner grid, or take action or sabotage the efforts? Public power says renewables, Pepco does sabotage. 

Pepco is the problem, not the solution. Promises of clean energy and affordability cannot be trusted when the company tasked with making them a reality is responsive only to its investors’ profits instead of DC residents’ needs. Already, across the country, people get clean, affordable power from public power utilities. DC deserves the same.

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